Download Chrome 86 Offline Installers

Google Chrome 86 for desktop (Linux, macOS, Windows) is available for download. The complete version no. will become Chrome 86.0.4240.75. This is a major update with 35 vulnerability fixes and new features. Here are some of the new features available: Chrome gets .well-known/change-password support This is a security feature that helps reset breached passwords in Google … Read more

Download Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver 21.120

If you are using an Intel motherboard, you will probably be using Intel’s Wireless Bluetooth. Intel has recently release the latest update for its Bluetooth driver. Here is the list of changes: In some systems, a connection to a second Bluetooth LE device may fail in rare cases if the system is already paired with … Read more

Download Opera 71 Build 3770.171 Offline Installers

Opera is one of the better browsers and an alternative to Google Chrome. Its main highlights include a free VPN service which can be turned on or off using a simple button and an ad blocker that blocks the majority of the ads making browsing experience fast and clean. You can check out the changelog … Read more

Download Firefox 81 and 78.3 ESR Offline Installers

Mozilla has released a stable version of Firefox 81. It will be distributed using Firefox update slowly. If the update is still not available in your browser, you can download and update the browser manually. Seven vulnerabilities have been fixed. Four of them were classified as “high”. New features Added a keyboard or headset control … Read more

Download iTunes 12.10.9

iTunes digital music and video management software for Apple devices. It is available for Mac and Windows. iTunes 12.10.9 is available for download. The changelog just says bugfixes and is still pending from Apple. Once the changelog is updated, you can check it from the Apple security page. Apple Security updates page Download iTunes 12.10.9 … Read more

4 Ways To Delete Unwanted Pages In Microsoft Word

Sometimes, while creating content or adding pictures in your document, MS Word automatically adds an additional page that you can use. Or you may add it in advance and later on not need it. In such a case you might want to remove it. Especially if the document is for printing purposes, it is recommended … Read more

How To Convert Word To PDF

PDF is known as a Portable Document Format. If you wish to give your Word document a more professional look and make it more reliable, you should always convert it into PDF. In this document, I will list some easy ways using which you can convert your document to PDF Why convert to PDF form? … Read more