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Welcome to Technize.NET. I appreciate you visited this page because you were interested in knowing more about the site.

What is this blog about?

This site was created in order to share technology updates about:

We usually post about free and useful software which can be an alternative to paid expensive software so that you can be more productive without paying anything. We mainly write on the Microsoft Windows platform and all the software we review is compatible with and run on Windows.

You can visit our sitemap and see what type of topics we cover in this blog. If you have any suggestions about the topics, kindly contact us.

Who’s behind all this?

Technize.net is a multi-author blog. While most of the management stuff is done by Ayesha who stays behind the scenes, here is a list of contributors to the blog:

Ayesha Ashraf – the Managing Director, takes care of the finances needed to operate the business properly.

Bilal Arshad – the Business Development officer, makes new ways of doing business with Technize.net.

Usman Khurshid – the chief editor of Technize.NET. He is a network consultant and loves to experiment and write his experiences about Technology.

Muhammad Abdullah -An Electrical Engineering graduate proficient in low-level programming and other tech stuff.

Rahmeen Ahmad Khan – Rahmeen Ahmad Khan is a tech-savvy professional writer and software reviewer.

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