How To Edit Hosts File In Windows 8

Windows Hosts file is a simple text file (without any file extension) which contains mappings of IP addresses and their respective host names. This is the basic task of a DNS server which is served by Windows Hosts file in Windows. Windows Hosts file can be edited manually to add any custom tweaks to any …

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Office 2010 Language Packs Download (All Languages)

Microsoft Office 2010 language packs enable people to convert the display language of Microsoft Office 2010 to the language of their choice. The language packs also feature other changes like the help and support system, proofing tools etc. Download Office 2010 language packs from direct download links given here.

12 Free Troubleshooting Tools for Windows 7

No computer is perfect in performance and usage. Problems can arouse with the passage of time and fixes to those problems are also available. We provide 12 free troubleshooting tools for Windows 7 which can be very helpful in sorting out and getting rid of common problems.

How To Monitor System Uptime In Windows

Track the system uptime of your system for up to three weeks with this nifty free tool. It will show graphically the system uptime and total time system was on.

Get Product Keys From All Computers In A Microsoft Windows Network

Being an IT administrator requires a lot of organization work and documentation. Without documentation, it becomes very difficult to manage even a small office network. There are many tools that assist in documenting different aspects of the network. An IT administrator also has to keep a set of portable programs that can be run from …

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