The Quick Admin Tools Menu In Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview features the new Metro interface which has been designed to work with tablets and smartphones as well as desktops and laptops. The problem with the Metro interface is that the users who are used to the old Windows interface will have to learn about the Metro interface before starting using it with ease and fluency.

The first impression of Windows 8 was that the new interface of Windows 8 was made specifically for consumers and normal users with ease of use in mind but what about the pro users who want all the advanced tools in Windows at their access all the time? The answer is that Windows 8 also takes care about all the users including the Pro users.

Windows 8 includes a quick admin tool menu which can be used to bring up almost any administrative tool. The quick admin tools menu include the following:

Quick admin tools in Windows 8

  1. Programs and Features
  2. Network Connections
  3. Power Options
  4. Event Viewer
  5. System
  6. Device Manager
  7. Disk Management
  8. Computer Management
  9. Command Prompt
  10. Command Prompt (Admin)
  11. Task Manager
  12. Control Panel
  13. Windows Explorer
  14. Search
  15. Run
  16. Desktop

Windows 8 has made accessing all these quick admin tools very easy. You only have to move your cursor to the extreme bottom left of the screen and right click over there. This will bring up the quick admin tools. So you you can easily open any of the tools listed above with just two clicks. This command works with any application open including the Start Metro screen of Windows 8. You don’t need to go to the desktop first. I hope you enjoy these quick admin tools at your finger tips.

If you are looking for a keyboard shortcut for the quick admin tools menu, the Windows 8 shortcut for opening quick admin tools is Win + X. Enjoy.

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