Office 2010 Direct Download Links (All Languages)

Microsoft Office 2010 (version 15) is the latest Office suite from Microsoft. It was released some time back and is available for download as a 60 day trial. You will get the direct download links for Office 2010 offline installers (all languages).

A user asked me that he has already bought the license of Office 2010 but want to install a multilingual edition of Office 2010 so that he would be able to use the Office suite in another language. I thought why not list down all the download links of Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 direct download links for all available languages

So here’s the collection:

Microsoft Office 2010 direct download links

Microsoft Office 2010 Retail Edition

English 32-bit:–EUR//office2010/X16-32007.exe

English 64-bit:–EUR//office2010/X16-31970.exe

Microsoft Office 2010 Standard Edition

English 32-bit:–EUR//office2010/X16-32324.exe

English 64-bit:–EUR//office2010/X16-32361.exe

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Edition

English 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32250.exe
English 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32213.exe

Arabic 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32241.exe
Arabic 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32204.exe

Brazilian Portuguese 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32242.exe
Brazilian Portuguese 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32205.exe

Simplified Chinese 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32244.exe
Simplified Chinese 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32207.exe

Traditional Chinese 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32245.exe
Traditional Chinese 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32208.exe

Danish 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32248.exe
Danish 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32211.exe

Dutch 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32249.exe
Dutch 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32212.exe

Finnish 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32252.exe
Finnish 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32215.exe

French 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32253.exe
French 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32216.exe

German 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32254.exe
German 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32217.exe

Hebrew 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32256.exe
Hebrew 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32219.exe

Hindi 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32259.exe
Hindi 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32220.exe

Italian 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32259.exe
Italian 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32222.exe

Japanese 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32260.exe
Japanese 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32223.exe

Korean 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32262.exe
Korean 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32225.exe

Norwegian 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32265.exe
Norwegian 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32228.exe

Polish 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32266.exe
Polish 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32229.exe

Portugal Portuguese 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32267.exe
Portugal Portuguese 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32230.exe

Russian 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32269.exe
Russian 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/x16-32232.exe

Spanish 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32273.exe
Spanish 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32236.exe

Swedish 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32274.exe
Swedish 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32237.exe

Thai 32-bit (x86):–EUR//office2010/X16-32275.exe
Thai 64-bit (x64):–EUR//office2010/X16-32238.exe


You can download Office 2010 in the language you want to use and install it. If you are having any problems, please let me know through comments. You may also want to download Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1.


15 responses to “Office 2010 Direct Download Links (All Languages)”

  1. Hi Usman,
    I have the Office 2010 Starter Edition and want to upgrade to the professional version.
    Do you have any link for that?
    Should I uninstall it or can i just do an update?
    Looking forward to your response..

    • Hi Libero,
      Office 2010 Starter is not compatible with the Pro version. So you will need to uninstall the starter edition and the install Office 2010 Professional.

      You will need to have the product key for Office 2010 Professional in order to use it after the trial version.
      If you haven’t bought it yet, just buy it from this link to get the next version (Office 2013) upgrade for free.

  2. I need the download link in the German version for MS-office 2010 home & student.
    It would be great if somone can help me.

    • The language packs will work in conjunction with Office 2010. If you already have installed Office 2010, it should not ask you of any license key.