Office Starter 2010 Offline Installers Download Links

Microsoft Office 2010 comes in different editions like Student, Professional, Enterprise etc. Likewise Microsoft has also made available Microsoft Office Starter 2010 which contains the basic modules i.e, basic versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel which are the most used programs. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is not available for everyone though. It only comes pre-installed from the manufacturers from which you have bought your computer.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 loading

If you have problems activating or running Office Starter 2010, then you have no way to re-install it as there is no setup available publicly. But people have found out that Microsoft stores the setups of Office Starter 2010 on their public servers and the setups can be downloaded easily without any authentication. If you want to install Microsoft Starter edition, you can go ahead and download the setup from the following Microsoft Office Starter 2010 direct download links. I’m giving the links for all the languages I have found.

Download official Microsoft Starter 2010 (all languages)

Arabic (ar-sa)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Bulgarian (bg-bg)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Chinese (Simplified) (zh-cn)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Chinese (zh-tw)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Croatian (hr-hr)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Czech (cs-cz)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Danish (da-dk)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Dutch (nl-nl)…umerC2ROLW.exe
English (en-us)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Estonian (et-ee)…umerC2ROLW.exe
French (fr-fr)…umerC2ROLW.exe
German (de-de)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Greek (el-gr)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Hebrew (he-il)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Hungarian (hu-hu)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Italian (it-it)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Kazakh (kk-kz)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Korean (ko-kr)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Latvian (lv-lv)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Lithuanian (lt-lt)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Norwegian (Bokmål) (nb-no)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Polish (pl-pl)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-br)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Portuguese (pt-pt)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Romanian (ro-ro)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Russian (ru-ru)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Serbian (sr-latn-cs)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Slovak (sk-sk)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Slovenian (sl-si)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Spanish (es-es)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Swedish (sv-se)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Thai (th-th)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Turkish (tr-tr)…umerC2ROLW.exe
Ukrainian (uk-ua)…umerC2ROLW.exe

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is free and can be installed without a license key. But the only catch is that it contains Word and Excel with limited functionality. If you want all the functionality of Microsoft Office, then you will have to go for the more advanced editions otherwise the starter edition seems to be perfect for people who only have to do basic work in Word and Excel.

Another issue with the Office Starter 2010 Edition is that it is ad supported. The ads are shown while you are using the office suite. I think this should be no problem if you are not distracted by ads.

Update: The installer in the above direct download links is an online installer which will download the actual setup after it is installed in the system. If you want to download the whole Office Starter 2010 offline, you can do so by using this script. Just unzip the file and edit download.cmd file. Change the language string to whatever language you want to download. After editing and saving, run wget.exe. This will download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 for offline usage.

Download Office Starter 2010 offline script

Update: Unfortunately the Office 2010 Starter edition download has been restricted by Microsoft and the links given above are not working. We are looking for new updated links. If you find one, please leave us a comment.

Update: Now you can download Microsoft Office 2010 from direct download links in all languages and use the trial full version instead of the starter version.


12 responses to “Office Starter 2010 Offline Installers Download Links”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Awesome! Is this edition of Office absolutely free? or it is only free for those who have purchased their computers from the manufacturers who offer this starter edition?

    1. Malik Avatar

      @Mike: I think it’s free for everyone as I have downloaded it and installed successfully on one of my laptops.

      1. Usman Avatar

        @Malik: Woops! two quick responses. I also think it’s free for everyone. The size of the downloaded file is very less (1.6 MB) Let me install it on my test PC and then tell you what happens next.

        1. Malik Avatar

          @Usman: The installer is an online installer which downloads the setup files (about 600+ MB) in order to install the starter edition completely.

          1. Usman Avatar

            @Malik: Thanks a lot for the explanation mate.

  2. Mulanvig Avatar

    Is there any way I can download this for offline usage? I don’t want to download it again and again?

    1. Usman Avatar

      @Mulanvig: I have updated the article with the way to download the setup for offline usage.

      1. Mulanvig Avatar

        @Usman: Got it. Thanks 🙂

  3. Download disappointment Avatar

    The ads on the right hand side of Word makes me go wild. It is so annoying but still I can’t get rid of the ads. Is there any tweak for this?

    1. Usman Avatar

      @Download disappointment: The biggest advantage of Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is that it is free although it is ad supported. I think the ads should not be as annoying as the payment of the full version 😀

  4. Maria Avatar

    Why it is so difficult to download?

    1. Usman Avatar

      @Maria: It’s difficult because it is not provided by Microsoft to everyone. It comes pre-installed on computers purchased from specific manufacturers.