Download Windows Updates And Hotfixes Using Microsoft Update Catalog

Microsoft Update Catalog provides downloads of Microsoft updates, drivers, hotfixes etc. which can be distributed and installed over corporate network. If you want to download updates of your Microsoft software for offline usage, Microsoft Update Catalog can be useful for you. Go to Microsoft Update Catalog for searching for your required updates. The site will … Read more

How to Manage and Switch Windows 8 Store Apps

Microsoft brings in the concept of a redesigned user interface with the launch of Windows 8. The Start Menu has been replaced by Start Screen. This interface contains the apps and programs in the form of tiles. You can customize the  Start Screen by selecting the apps to be displayed and changing their sizes. Group … Read more

Download Skype 6.6 Offline Installers With Optimized Video Messaging

If you remember that Skype 6.5 had been released with video messaging support. That was a major feature update. But now Microsoft has released Skype 6.6 which enhances the existing features. Video messaging feature has been optimized further. Skype 6.6 is a minor update which concentrates on ensuring consistent user experience on every device Skype … Read more

Protect Word Documents From Unauthorized Editing

Microsoft Word comes with certain security features that can be used to protect the document in different ways. It includes password protecting the document, sealing it with a digital signature and making certain parts of the documents as read-only. In this article, we will discuss some ways to protect Word documents from unauthorized editing. Password … Read more

3 Ways To Disable Windows Update Forced Restart In Windows 8

“Your PC needs to restart to finish installing updates. If you’ve already saved your work, you can restart now”. How many of you have seen this warning when Windows 8 automatically downloads and then installs the updates? In this article, we will talk about how to disable Windows Update forced restart warnings. If you have … Read more