How To Login With A Different User Account In Windows 8

Windows 8 has changed the personal computing approach visually. There are many visual features added to Windows 8. Same is the case with other features. If you have installed Windows 8 and want to set up the computer for use by multiple users, you will need to setup multiple accounts. By default Windows 8 will login with the last user which logged into the system. We will investigate how to login with a different user account in Windows 8.

Creating a new user account in Windows 8

Creating a new user account in Windows 8 is easy. Just go to Windows 8 Start screen search (WinKey + Q) and search for ‘Users’. Click on the  ‘Users’ search result under Settings.

Users search in Windows 8

A new full screen window will open where you can manage user options and create new users.

User settings in Windows 8

For advanced users, simply open the Run dialog box (WinKey + R) and issue the following command:

control userpasswords2

This will open a new window where you can manage existing users and create new users.

Switching to a different user account on login screen

By default, Windows 8 will show the user account and only password field is editable. The username cannot be edited. So it becomes necessary to login with that user account. But fortunately there are a few ways by which we can change the Windows 8 login screen.

1- The first one is the easiest one. Just hit the back arrow button on the login screen. This will bring you to another screen which lists down all the user accounts on that computer. You can click on any user account to bring the password dialog back with that specific username.

Please note that the screen may go black for a few moments when you hit the back arrow key. Do not worry. It will show back again in a few moments.

2- You can also setup the Ctrl + Alt + Del for every user. This means that the users have to press those hotkeys in order to get the login dialog screen. This will make the username and the password fields editable.

To setup the hotkey go to Run –> control userpasswords2 –> Advanced

control userpasswords2 advanced tab

Check ‘Require users to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ and then press the OK button.

I hope these methods will be useful for you. If you know of any other method to sign in with a different user in Windows 8, please share it in the comments.

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