3 Ways To Disable Windows Update Forced Restart In Windows 8

“Your PC needs to restart to finish installing updates. If you’ve already saved your work, you can restart now”. How many of you have seen this warning when Windows 8 automatically downloads and then installs the updates? In this article, we will talk about how to disable Windows Update forced restart warnings. If you have … Read more

How To Enable/Disable Metered Connection In Windows 8

Windows 8 has introduced a categorization of Internet connections. Now there are two types of connections: a metered connection and a non-metered connection. A metered connection is the one is charged by the amount of data used (downloaded and uploaded) by the Internet Service Providers. A non-metered connection is the regular connection which does not … Read more

3 Ways To Enable Remote Desktop Connection In Windows 8

This is a complete guide about how to enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8. We will discuss 3 different ways to enable the RDC settings in Windows 8. Remote Desktop Connection is one of the most important components of Windows in a networked world. Remote Desktop Connection or simply RDC enables us to login … Read more

Three Ways To Enable Windows 8 Hibernate Option

Hibernation is a great feature of Windows which was introduced in Windows XP. Hibernation enables Windows to save all the data in RAM to the hard drive so that the computer can be shutdown without losing the current state of the system. When the user wants to start the computer again, Windows will attempt to … Read more

Two Ways To Enable Telnet Client In Windows 8

For security reasons, Windows 7 and Windows 8 come without a Telnet client pre-installed. This does not mean that Windows does not contain the Telnet functionality. It just needs to be enabled. Here are two ways to enable the Telnet client in Windows 8. Enable Telnet using command line To enable Telnet in Windows 8 … Read more