How To Manually Install Language Packs In Windows 8 ( Files)

Windows 8 language packs have not been released to the public officially. Since Windows 8 is only available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, the language packs are also available for download to those subscribers. But Microsoft has made it quite easy to install a language pack in Windows 8. I have already written about 2 ways to install Windows 8 language packs. I have also given the download links for unofficial languages packs of Windows 8 which have been created using Windows 7 language packs.

The two methods that we have already discussed include using WDP Universal Language installer which can install any language pack which you have downloaded in Windows 8. It’s quite easy to use but if you want to do it without using any third party software, you may using the built in language pack installer which will automatically download and install any language for you. Just search for “Add a language” in Windows 8 and add language through the interface.

If you have downloaded the language pack file on your computer, Windows 8 does not give any straight forward option to select the source language pack file to be installed.

There are two more ways to manually install a language pack in Windows 8 (only if you have downloaded the language pack in your computer).

Method 1: Using lpksetup command

Install or uninstall display languages

  1. Go to Run –> lpksetup
  2. You will be taken to a window which will let you add the language pack of your choice.
  3. You will be required to restart the computer once the language pack is installed completely.
  4. You may change your display language through Control Panel languages option.

Method 2: Using dism command

dism command

  1. Open command prompt with administrative privileges.
  2. Issue the following command
    dism /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\downloads\Win8lang\ar-sa\
    You will need to change the path with the path of the cab file in your local computer.
  3. Restart the computer when the command has been successfully completed.
  4. Change the display language from the Control Panel.

I hope this will help the users who are trying to install Windows 8 language packs manually.

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