12 Free Troubleshooting Tools for Windows 7

There is no such thing as the perfect computer. No matter how advanced your personal computer is, you cannot erase the fact that you will encounter some problems somewhere along the way. Most people who use a Windows 7 operated personal computers usually encounter some slow problems while working on something. There are times that this Windows 7 problem is encountered very often thereby causing too much frustration and annoyance on your part as a personal computer user.

Here are some of the useful tools that will help you solve all the problems that you encounter on your Windows 7 personal computer. The best thing about them is that they are available for free and a few of them are open source. That’s why all of these tools are must have items in any Windows 7 user everyday toolbox.

1. Blue ScreenView

Blue ScreenView helps you troubleshoot the BSOD by scanning your Windows 7 system for such files and generates a report regarding them. The report can be read in the Blue ScreenView itself or you may also save it on HTML for an individual report. The Blue ScreenView also creates a list of the device drivers that were functioning when the Windows crash happened. This way you can figure out the real cause why the trouble occurred.

2. System Information for Windows or SIW

This Windows 7 troubleshooting tool creates a list or record of all application license keys including the probes that were set up in the hardware, the catalogs installed multimedia codes, and others. The list created by the SIW can be classified into four general categories, namely the: hardware, software, network, and a multitude of various tools found in the program’s Tools drop down menu. The best feature of this troubleshooting tool for Windows 7 is that it can be run even on Windows recovery environment. It is very effective in listing or dumping out system information. But the only drawback of it is that it does not always let you modify those settings. You will need a third-party utility program to be able to do that.

3. Sysinternals’s Process Explorer

This tool is perfect for troubleshooting Windows 7 because it acts as a replacement of the Task Manager or it can work alongside with it. Users should have this tool for the reasons that it can substitute your Task Manager on any personal computer that you use. When you use it, you will notice a tree view of certain processes. These processes can be frozen, killed off, resumed, or have the windows manipulated according to your preference.

4. Sysinternals Autoruns

This tool works by rooting out all the irritants that you encounter on your computer. But there is more to this Windows 7 troubleshooting tool that makes it very useful. It looks into your Windows 7 system and then discards out the programs as well as system components that start without human intervention. It also features a command line version which you can utilize with scripts or other forms of automation.

5. WinDirStat

Have you encountered a Windows 7 problem in which you suddenly noticed that your disk space is already gone? Well, no need to worry because here is WinDirStat to help you solve this mystery. It works by producing easy to understand graphical analysis report regarding your disk usage. In this way, you will see a glimpse of the individual files of folders that were hidden in your computer which may be using up a very large amount of your disk space.

6. System File Checker

This is said to be one of the best ways to repair Windows 7. It is a command line utility that allows you to repair some lost or corrupted system file errors.

7. Safe Mode Fixer

This is also a useful tool that helps you repair the common Windows 7 problems involving safe mode issues, especially if you are not able to boot into the safe mode of your personal computer.

8. Microsoft Fix It Center

A free application that will scan your pc for problems and fix them. Once installed, you can use the application to find and fix the type of problems you want.

9. Complete Internet Repair

This Windows 7 troubleshooting utility is also considered as one of the most indispensable tools that every Windows user should have. It helps you repair DNS lookup problem along especially the Windows update, pop-up errors, network connectivity problems, and other networking-related problems.

10. FixWin

This is another free utility that you can use to fix most of the common Windows7 problems.

11. Fix MSE

This utility helps you repair most of the issues that involve the Microsoft Security Essentials. The good thing about this is that it does not require any installation.

12. Fix IE

If you are having problems with your Internet Explorer, this free troubleshooting tool will allow you to fix these issues without difficulty. It allows you to re-register all the files that are needed in order for the Internet Explorer to work properly.

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