How To Activate Microsoft Office 2013 Online For Free

Since Microsoft has released Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview, it has been a good time using the Office suite until now. I had been prompted about activating my installation of Office 2013 whenever I opened any Office app but I never cared about the warnings. But today the period has ended and now I must activate Office 2013 before using it further. So I have finally activated my Office 2013 installation and here are the steps that I have followed to activate MS Office 2013.

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard

The above warning will come whenever you open any Office 2013 product with the count down of remain grace period to activate Office 2013.

  1. In the first step, you have to go to your Microsoft account to get the free product key of Office 2013 Customer Preview.
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview product key
  2. Now open any Microsoft Office 2013 product which will come up with the above mentioned warning. You will need to click on the “Change Product Key” button and copy the product key you’ve got in step 1 here. Also check the checkbox which says “Attempt to automatically activate my product online”. Then click on the Install button to continue.
    Change product key in Office 2013
  3. Your account will be updated. Click on OK to continue.
    Account updated in Office 2013
  4. Now Microsoft Office Activation Wizard will open automatically. You can activate the software over the Internet because this is the only option available right now.
    Activate Office 2013 onlineActivating Office 2013 process

    Office 2013 activated successfully

  5. You have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2013 and now you can continue using the Office suite.

If you are looking for volume license activation of Office 2013 using KMS and MAK activation methods, you can follow the steps given in the TechNet article.

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