Download BWMeter 8.4.4

BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth monitor for Windows. It can also be used to control traffic by limiting apps or setting speed limits. The latest version 8.4.4 has the following changes: Fix: issue when programs change the display resolution Fix: rare issue with internal uncompression routine Fix: statistics not updated correctly if program is restarted … Read more

How To Install Windows 8 Over The Network (LAN)

There are quite a few methods by which Windows 8 can be installed. A user can install Windows 8 using a bootable USB drive, a DVD ROM drive or even copied installation files on the hard disk. I tried to find any guide about installing Windows 8 over the network but unfortunately couldn’t find any … Read more

View, Disable And Enable Winsock Service Providers In Windows

Windows Sockets API (WSA) or Winsock is a technical specification which defines how a software can access Windows networking services especially in TCP/IP. This is the method by which a software like a firewall or an antivirus will hook itself in the TCP/IP protocol in Windows and will monitor all the inbound and outbound traffic. … Read more

Kaspersky Pure 2.0 Released With Improved Efficiency And Better Protection

Kaspersky has released a new version of the Kaspersky Pure version 2.0. The product has gone through a complete overhaul. Kaspersky Pure 2.0 can protect and manage every PC in your home via a single PC. It is easy to manage. File Anti-Virus module of Kaspersky Pure 2 monitors opened files, executed or saved on … Read more

Windows 8 General UI Tips

Windows 8 is built with touch enabled Metro Start Screen and Charms Menu. The metro UI is useful for those having touch screen computers because it includes many apps specifically redesigned for touch enabled devices. The Metro UI has got the menus, sliders and buttons wider than the general windows UI to prevent people missing … Read more

Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer Improvements And Features

Microsoft has coded a brand new Windows Explorer for the Windows 8. The new explorer puts all the explorer functions with the need of a click or two. The new Ribbon style was first used with Microsoft Office 2007 and that style now got its place into the explorer of the new operating system. The … Read more

Windows 7 Gadgets for Tech Savvy

The blog orbmu2k offers some gadgets for windows 7/Vista. In all gadgets I have found 5 gadgets useful for a tech savvy. Intel Core Series gadget Top Five Processes  gadget Network Traffic gadget Memory Usage gadget GPU Observer gadget Intel Core Series Gadgets If you own an Intel processor  the Core Series (Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 … Read more

Microsoft Security Update March 2012 ISO Image Download [KB913086]

Microsoft Security Update (The Patch Tuesday) is a security update released by Microsoft on the second Tuesday of every month. The security update for March 2012 is rather an important one because Microsoft has closed some important security holes in Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) which is installed in every Windows OS by default. The security … Read more

Protect Your Computer From USB Viruses With USB Disk Manager

USB Disk Manager is a small and portable utility that helps you secure your computer against USB viruses and malware. If you are a frequent user of USB flash drives, you better know that USB flash drives are a major source of infecting a computer with viruses and malware. The major reason of this is … Read more