Download Adobe Creative Suite 2 With Free License Key

Adobe Creative Suite is the complete bundle of products provided by Adobe. Adobe CS2 is an extremely popular suite of products which was first released in 2005. The latest suite available is Adobe Creative Suite 6. Creative Suite 2 has come to end of life on 15th of December 2012. Due to this Adobe has turned off its activation servers.

Turning off the activation servers means that the users who have already purchased Adobe CS2 will not be able to re-install and activate the suite. They will receive the error message that the activation server is unavailable. Due to this, Adobe has made Adobe Creative Suite 2 available publicly for those who are having problems with the activation.

Although only the users with purchased licenses are entitled to download and install the available installers along with the license keys, anyone can download and get the product in working condition with a few minutes. You just have to download the appropriate installers for your Operating System and enter the license keys given along side the installers on the download page.

Just go to the download page and select your download. Here are the direct download links:

Adobe CS2 for Windows CD1

Adobe CS2 for Windows CD2

Adobe CS2 for Windows CD3

For the license key or the serial numbers, you will need to go to this page. The download page lists the products individually as well as in the creative suite.

The products included in the creative suite are:

  1. Adobe Illustrator CS2
  2. Adobe InDesign CS2
  3. Adobe Photoshop CS2
  4. Adobe ImageReady CS2
  5. Adobe Version Cue CS2

Adobe Creative Suite 2 Installer

You can also download the following products individually:

Adobe Acrobat Pro 8

Acrobat 3D 1.0

Adobe Audition 3

GoLive CS2

InCopy CS2

Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

If you are a Windows user, you will need to download all the three discs for complete installation of Creative Suite 2. Interestingly the files have been named as CD1, CD2 and CD3 while all these files are self extracting executable. You have to extract all these files into one folder by running all the three files and specifying the folder.

After extraction, you can begin the installation process by running setup.exe inside the extracted folder. The serial keys are provided on the download page which you can copy and paste when needed during the installation process. After the installation, there is no activation required (which is an essential step while installing latest Adobe products).

Now it’s quite easy to have a legal Adobe product without having to go on a torrent site and download a pirated version. Just download and install the products from here and you’ll be better off running your favorite tools. Although CS2 is quite an old version but it should be noted that it still contains the most powerful products from Adobe.

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