How To Insert Footnotes In Microsoft Word

If you are a user who is linked with academia, you may have heard about footnotes and end-notes. They can be very handy and useful in a document for better understanding. In this article, I would describe to you how you can insert a footnote in Word What is a footnote and how do you … Read more

5 Ways To Add Symbols In Microsoft Word

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Disable Hardware Acceleration In Chrome

To disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome, follow the steps below: Open Google Chrome. Click Customize and Control Google Chrome > Settings. Click on Show advanced settings and scroll to the System section. Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available and restart Google Chrome. If you are unable to play videos, you will need to disable … Read more

4 Working Alternatives To Microsoft Office

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4 Free Tools To Use SSH In Windows

As compared to Telnet, SSH is a secure way of connecting to remote terminals on Linux Operating Systems. If you have an SSH server running on Linux or on Windows, you will need to download an SSH client to connect to the server. Windows comes with Telnet by default. Telnet is highly insecure because everything … Read more