.NET 6.0.0 Preview 7, 5.0.9, 3.1.18 and 2.1.29 + Visual Studio 2019 16.11.0 are available for download

Yesterday was Patchday for August 2021 and the various .NET versions and Visual Studio 2019 were also updated. Various security gaps and vulnerabilities have been fixed in the .NET versions.

For example CVE-2021-34485 , CVE-2021-26423 and CVE-2021-34532 . For .NET 2 it was the last update. It is now listed under “End of life” and no longer receives any updates.

The Visual Studio 2019 11/16 0 was also released yesterday. Here the help menu has been revised, changes have been made to the Git tooling, C ++ and more. More on this in the individual links.


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