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2 Useful Tools To Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once In Windows

We can manage installed programs in Windows using Programs and Features control panel app. If you are using Windows 8, you can reach Programs and Features using Ctrl + X + F shortcut key. Programs and Features has very limited features. It only runs the uninstallers provided by each program and doesn’t do anything of(…)

7 Bootable Antivirus Rescue Discs For Offline Scanning

Most security companies offer a rescue disc along with their antivirus or other security products. This is because if a system is already infected with a malware which is not letting the antivirus installation to continue, then the user will have to use the rescue disc to scan and remove the viruses. The antivirus or(…)

4 Free Tools To Use SSH In Windows

As compared to Telnet, SSH is a secure way of connecting to remote terminals on Linux Operating Systems. If you have an SSH server running on Linux or on Windows, you will need to download an SSH client to connect to the server. Windows comes with Telnet by default. Telnet is highly insecure because everything(…)

Download Bitdefender 2014 Offline Installers For All Products

Bitdefender product line for 2014 has been released. Last year, Bitdefender 2013 was released in September but this year Bitdefender has been quick to launch the new line of products. The latest Bitdefender 2014 products include a new technology called Photon technology which makes sure that system performance doesn’t get a hit while the security(…)

How To Find And Remove Dead Pixels On Your LCD Monitor

Dead pixel is an area on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor which is not performing as expected. Usually the problem that leads to dead pixels is that the liquid flowing through the display is not flowing through that pixel properly. In this article, we will take a look at how to identify the dead(…)

4 Ways To Open Docx Document Files

In Office 2007, Microsoft introduced a file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.docx). This format is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word and with some other popular word processing software. Thus, Microsoft offers a list of compatibility packs for your older Office suite versions so that they can support the(…)

SysMate: Replace System Files Without Restarting In Windows

System files in Windows can not be modified or deleted directly. The user can’t replace the system files without taking ownership of the files first. By default the ownership belongs to the System user. And even if the user does take ownership, it is not sure that the file is replaced because sometimes the file(…)

Download Skype 6.6 Offline Installers With Optimized Video Messaging

If you remember that Skype 6.5 had been released with video messaging support. That was a major feature update. But now Microsoft has released Skype 6.6 which enhances the existing features. Video messaging feature has been optimized further. Skype 6.6 is a minor update which concentrates on ensuring consistent user experience on every device Skype(…)

3 Tools To Merge JPG Images Into A PDF File

Sometimes we needs to merge multiple JPG images into a single PDF document. This is usually the case when we want to create an e-book out of scanned images. In this article, we will discuss some free tools to create a PDF document of your images quickly. We will also see a solution using the(…)

Download Java 7 Update 25 Offline Installers

Java 7 Update 25 has been released by Oracle. This is a critical patch update which includes 40 new security fixes of which 37 can be remotely exploited without authentication. 42 vulnerabilities were fixed in the last Java 7 Update 21. The Java vulnerability saga continues and Adobe continues to strive to fix most of(…)