Download Vistalizator 2.5 With Windows 7 SP1 Support


What is Vistalizator?

Vistalizator is a popular program for adding any language pack MUI to any edition of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Vistalizator 2.5 has been released with support for more languages. By default, the Multilingual pack (MUI) can only be installed on Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions. Same is the case with Windows Vista. There is no support available for Windows 7 Starter and Home Premium editions. This can be made possible by the use of Vistalizator.

I have already given a complete tutorial on how to use Vistalizator in order to install additional languages in Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can follow the same tutorial with the latest version of Vistalizator 2.5. Or you can watch the complete video tutorial on how to use Vistalizator here:


What’s new in Vistalizator 2.5?

Vistalizator 2.4 used to have problems with Windows 7 SP1 but now it has complete support for Windows 7 SP1. There are additional LIPs supported by Vistalizator 2.5. You can download the additional LIPs from here. You can also download Windows 7 SP 1 language packs. Some of the new features added in 2.5:

  • Works on Windows 7 RTM
  • Supports Windows Vista SP2
  • Supports 13 new LIP languages for Windows Vista
  • Multiple language support for program’s interface
  • Program’s Help available in 8 languages

Download Vistalizator 2.5

[download id=”7″]

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