10 Actionable Steps To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

Laptop battery life depends upon several factors. The factors can be directly or indirectly related to the computer. We will discuss some of these factors and possible actions to make your battery life longer in this article. 1. Know your battery Currently there are two types of batteries available in the market. Maintaining both types … Read more

How to Control the Temperature of Your Laptop

Laptops need an ideal temperature to perform optimally. We discuss some ways to monitor the laptop temperature including CPU, motherboard and hard drive and how to lower the temperature when it’s getting hot. A laptop is supposed to be used and placed at our lap but it becomes really difficult at times to use it … Read more

Unhide Files And Folders By Single DOS Command

While Windows Explorer is the best file explorer when it comes to browsing files that we have saved on our hard drives, viruses make use of certain properties in Windows Explorer to disable some important functions. These viruses usually come from USB Flash drives and disable the functions like hidden files can’t be unhidden again … Read more

How to Manually Remove Virus From USB Flash Drive without Formatting

In this article, we will discuss about how to manually remove virus from a USB Flash Drive without formatting it. This means that if you follow this tutorial, your data will not be deleted while the virus will be removed from the pen drive. USB Flash drives are a major source of virus infection. Most … Read more

How to Fix Internet Explorer Crashes

Internet Explorer to me is a very delicate browser. There are some major improvements in IE 7 and above but the base remains the same. People find it very difficult when Internet Explorer crashes and all the data is lost. Sometimes, the Internet Explorer keeps on crashing. There are several reasons behind this but the … Read more

How To Enable Insert Key In Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2013

If you are used to using Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier, you should have used the Insert key in order to replace the characters while typing. This is also called Overtype mode. Things have changed in Word 2007 and onwards including Word 2010 and Word 2013. Microsoft Word versions previous to Word 2010 and Word … Read more

Check Disk (chkdsk) Runs Every Time Windows Starts

Sometimes it happens that disk check always starts to check the file system on one or more drives for consistency on Windows Startup. If any key is pressed, the disk checking is aborted. In this article, we will prevent chkdsk from running every time Windows starts. Actually this is because some data structure of the … Read more

How To Fix Wmploc.dll Version Error In Windows Media Player

If you have recently installed a skin or updated Windows Media Player and the installation didn’t go smoothly, it will display the following error message: The file wmploc.dll has a version number of 11.0.6001.7000 where 11.0.6001.7004 was expected. Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled. Do you want to install the … Read more