Configure Windows Update Settings In Windows 8

Windows Update is a built in tool that comes with your Microsoft Windows. This tool is responsible to keep your system updated with the latest patches and service packs offered by the Microsoft Corporation. Some of them are marked as important, some are critical while others are optional. By default, Windows Update automatically runs on … Read more

Download Google Drive 1.9 Installer With Offline Access To Google Docs

Google has released a new version of Google Drive. The latest version at the time of this writing is 1.9.4536.8202. The new Google Drive 1.9 offers some exciting changes the the software. First of all, the users will see a clear improvement in synchronization and download speeds. The download speeds will improve by 50% in … Read more

Download Adobe Reader 11.0.2 Offline Installers

Adobe has released yet another security update for Adobe Reader 11. The new Adobe Reader 11.0.2 is available for download (direct download links at the end). Since Adobe was the founder of Portable Document Format (PDF), their native reader for PDF documents is the most popular software for reading and manipulating PDF files. Since the … Read more

Download Java 7 Update 13 Offline Installers With 50 Vulnerabilities Fixed

Java 7 Update 13 has been released by Oracle today. The latest update fixes at least 50 vulnerabilities and security flaws in Java. According to the Oracle advisory the critical patch update is a collection of patches for multiple vulnerabilities. The update also includes non-security fixes to the language and run-time. The actual Java 7 … Read more

Download Java 7 Update 11 Offline Installers

Oracle has released a new version of Java 7 Update 11. The direct download links to the offline installers are included at the end of this article. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) allows users to run programs and applications programmed in Java language. Java became popular because of its portability. Programs developed in Java could be … Read more

Download Firefox 15 With Silent Updates And Optimized Memory Usage

Although Firefox 15 final version was available on Mozilla’s FTP servers, Firefox 15 has been officially released now and is available from the updates menu. You can either download it using the Firefox Updater by opening Firefox and going to Help –> About Firefox and checking for updates or if you haven’t installed Firefox yet, … Read more