Download Adobe Reader 11.0.2 Offline Installers

Adobe has released yet another security update for Adobe Reader 11. The new Adobe Reader 11.0.2 is available for download (direct download links at the end). Since Adobe was the founder of Portable Document Format (PDF), their native reader for PDF documents is the most popular software for reading and manipulating PDF files.

Since the latest update 11.0.2 is a security update, it does not contain a lot of other enhancements. This update addresses vulnerabilities that could cause a crash and potentially allow a hacker to take control of the system.

Adobe Reader 11.0.2

The latest update has been released for the Adobe Reader XI (11.0.01) users. There is one confusion though. As we had discussed in our earlier article, the version numbering of Adobe Reader gets confusing as sometimes the version number will be written as 11.0.2 and sometimes it will be 11.0.02. I hope Adobe will become consistent in their versioning in the next release.

The two vulnerabilities that have been fixed in this update are CVE-2013-0640 and CVE-2013-0641. You can read more about these vulnerabilities in the security advisory APSA13-02.

CVE-2013-0640 resolves a memory corruption vulnerability that could lead to code execution.

CVE-2013-0641 resolves a buffer overflow vulnerability that could lead to code execution.

By code execution, it is meant that a remote hacker or user will be able to execute code of his choice while exploiting these vulnerabilities.

It is always recommended that you keep all your software up to date to make sure that you always remain secure. Here are the direct download links for the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2) offline installer English (en-US)

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2) offline installer French (fr-FR)

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2) offline installer German (de-DE)

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2) offline installer Spanish (es-ES)

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.2) offline installer Japanese (ja-JP)

These direct download links are executable that run on Windows only. To download Adobe Reader in more languages or Operating Systems, just go to this page, select the Operating System and Adobe Reader version which you want to download. This will download the full setup for Adobe Reader in your desired language.

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