How To Open Office Word, Excel, And PowerPoint Files In Any Web Browser

Microsoft Office is the most popular Office suite. Most people will need a solution for opening and editing files created with Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. There are a lot of solutions by which we can open Microsoft Office files without installing Office on our computer. The first solution is from … Read more

Metro (Modern UI) Enabled Browsers for Windows 8

Microsoft is now all ready to spin the world with its final launch of Windows 8 operating system that has been able to maintain its hype since the day it was announced. It was noticed that even before its consumer launch, the developers were keen to release software that would be compatible with it. Not … Read more

Instantly Backup And Restore Any Browser Profile

Most of the popular browsers come with user profiles which store different settings, bookmarks and history for different users. This feature can be quite handy if there are multiple users on one computer and all of them use a single browser for browsing the Internet. Almost all the browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and … Read more

InfoAtoms: Instant Translation And Thesaurus Of Words Without Leaving Your Browser

InfoAtoms is a new browser plugin which can be used to get instant translation and thesaurus of a selected word in any browser without leaving the actual page. So you stay on the page and get instant information in a pop up. I think installing this addon is better than Google translate because in Google … Read more

Maxthon 3.3, The Best HTML5 Browser

Not many people use or even know about Maxthon. Maxthon is a desktop web browser which is based on Internet Explorer. No one would have thought that Maxthon would top the list of web browsers in the recent HTML5 tests but it has done this. The latest achievement of Maxthon of being the best HTML5 … Read more