Manage Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive From One Place

There has been a surge in cloud storage apps in the recent times. Although Dropbox was not the first one to offer cloud storage with automatic synchronization capabilities but it was certainly the most popular one. But then came so many other online sync and backup apps from tech giants like Google having Google Drive,(…)

Get Free Unlimited Cloud Storage Space With BookMyCloud

Cloud storage is an important aspect of our digital life now. Cloud storage can automatically backup and sync files on cloud servers in addition to our local storage drives. There is a lot of competition in cloud storage niche. There are many popular cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Microsoft Cloud Sync, Google Drive, SugarSync etc.(…)

Download Dropbox 1.6.3 With Retina Support

Dropbox 1.6.3 stable version has been released for all platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac. The new Dropbox is mostly a bug fix version fixing things for older platforms. Here is the complete change log: Fixed in this build (1.6.3) Fix install failure in Windows 2000. Fix rare issue with sync not working on 10.4(…)

How To Re-Enable Public Folders In Dropbox

Dropbox has stopped creating public folders for the new customers. Previously, whenever a new Dropbox account was created, a public folder was automatically added to the account. The public folder would allow any file in that particular folder to be publicly available. Anyone could access the file. Here is a note from Dropbox: New Dropbox(…)

How To Enable/Disable Two Step Verification In Dropbox

When Google started the two step verification process in order to secure Google accounts, no one knew that it would become more popular with other services and vendors embracing the concept of two step authentication. The concept of two step verification is very simple. Instead of using just a password to access your account or(…)

Free Dropbox Alternative With Unlimited Storage Space

Online cloud storage and synchronization has become a necessity and up until now, Dropbox is the easiest, the best and the most popular online storage service with instant synchronization option. With the boom in online storage and cloud computing, lot of companies are offering cloud storage solutions including Google which is offering Google Drive or(…)

Microsoft Online Backup Service Available In Windows Server 8

While there has been a lot of buzz on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, very few people are following the developments on Windows Server 8 which is currently in beta. I have already given the direct download links for Windows Server 8. Windows Server 8 has some very interesting features which will make Windows Server 2008(…)

Bitdefender Safebox, An Alternative To Dropbox Cloud Storage

Bitdefender, the maker of the PC security products has released a Dropbox alternative, Bitdefender Safebox. Bitdefender Safebox offers users 2 GB of free online storage with an option to upgrade it up to 60 GB. The free storage is equal to the storage offered by Dropbox. The software can be installed on a Windows PC(…)

DropboxPortableAHK – Portable Dropbox

Dropbox is most probably the most used online storage system. It is popular among people because it’s very easy to use and secure. The security issue was raised some time back when Dropbox system was open to people without using the correct username and password. This was, according to the Dropbox management, due to a(…)