How do you make the Window full screen with the keyboard shortcut?

If you find yourself working with multiple windows on your screen frequently and you have trouble dragging them all to make them look perfect, then these keyboard shortcuts will come in handy.

Here are a number of different keyboard shortcuts that can help you easily manipulate your window sizes and locations on the screen to save you time, effort, and frustration.

Full-Screen Mode

Although Windows 10 is completely user-friendly with a mouse, including resizing windows to your preferred setting, there are times you may want to use the keyboard. The method of switching to full-screen may differ depending on which application you are using. In addition, other shortcuts may be disabled with each use.

A simple shortcut to full screen mode, particularly in browsers, is to press the F11 key. It allows you to switch quickly between full-screen and normal mode.

If you are working with a document application, like Word, you can maximize your window by pressing the Windows key and the up arrow at the same time. Alternatively, the down arrow will reduce the window’s size for a closer look as to what lies behind.

In addition to these shortcut keys, the Windows key with the left or right arrow is another excellent option. This will shift the screen you are working on to either the left or right side of the screen so you can access other windows at the same time.

These are instructions for Windows-based systems. Macs require a different set of keyboard shortcuts. On a Mac, the shortcut for full-screen mode is CTRL + CMD + F.

Other Great Shortcuts

You may find the following keyboard shortcuts useful as you strive to increase your productivity.

Resizing windows

In addition to full screen minimization, you may also want to resize your screen. Once again, press ALT and SPACE together, and then click S. You will now see four arrows, allowing you to use the arrow keys to adjust the size of your window.

Media in Full Screen mode

If you are watching a movie or playing a video game on your computer, you can play the video or play the game in full screen mode instead of in a window by pressing both the ALT and ENTER keys at the same time.

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