How To Increase Maximum Volume In Windows 8

Back in 2009, we discussed about a site that would make your audio louder. But the solution in that article is not valid now because the site vloud is not working. I have a laptop with Windows 8 installed in it. Since I don’t use any external speakers or the headphones, the problem with it is that the Youtube videos don’t have much sound and I can’t go beyond the maximum volume of the audio mixer if the default laptop speakers are used.

I have finally found a solution which will increase the maximum volume limit in Windows 8. This method also works in Windows 7. Just follow the steps below to increase the maximum volume of your laptop or computer:

  1. Click on the Volume icon in the system tray
    Sound mixer in Windows 8
  2. Click on the speaker icon in the Sound Mixer popup.
    Speaker icon in sound mixer
  3. Select “Enhancements” tab from the window.
    Speaker properties
  4. Check “Loudness Equalization” from the list and click OK.

These steps will increase the default volume of the device making the sound more clear and audible.

What are your experiences about increasing the volume of your computer? Do you use any other methods to increase the default volume? Please let us know through comments below.


13 responses to “How To Increase Maximum Volume In Windows 8”

  1. I know this method works for vista/win7 but now that I have windows 8 I tried this but the “Enhancements” tab is missing…! Beats Audio seems so overrated now. Even with it enabled my laptop’s speakers sound like they’re releasing sound while inside a box. Things became a little better after I installed a Realtek HD Audio Driver but when I max my volume on Netflix, loudness is mediocre. I am in dire need of a volume boost.

    • The missing Enhancements tab may be due to the limitation of your sound driver. Some sound drivers do not have supported enhancements. You may want to upgrade your sound drivers in order to bring the enhancements tab.

  2. Thank you but the audio driver I installed from my manufacturer’s website is apparently the latest for my pc already and I confirmed by trying to update the driver through device manager. (Is that all I can do?) I guess I’ll just have to wait for any updates in the future. In the meantime, I’m using external speakers. Really wish there was a volume booster program or something…anything.

  3. I have an HP Envy x2-g010nr. Windows 8 32-bit (Clover Trail Processor)
    Sound drivers installed:
    – Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)
    – Realtek I2S Audio Codec
    BeatsAudio has its own control panel. Maybe that’s why HP took out the Enhancements tab?

  4. I just saw this and I just wanted to say, I love you for sharing this tip. For real. It made my day.

  5. Hi,
    I have windows 8 and i did it in control panel/hardware and sound/ smart audio.
    I put all the bars in max and my sound is much better now.


  6. Thanks so very much! This helped my volume quite a bit. I did not find this tip on any other website I searched.

  7. I have the same problem – maximum sound from my laptop speakers is so quiet you have to lean in to watch a movie. When I go through the steps outlined above the only option in the enhancements tab is a ‘Disable all sound effects’ check box.

    I’ve checked for driver updates and they’re all the latest ones.

    Systems is Acer Aspire 571-6806 bought 4 months ago.
    Intel Core i5-3317U – 6GB ram
    Windows 8 x64

    Sound is Realtek HD Audio – driver version

    Any suggestions for what I can do?

    • That clearly means that the your sound device doesn’t support the feature we’re talking about. If the software driver is correctly installed, the only other speculation we can make is that the hardware may have some fault.

      • Dear Usman,
        i have a same problem.
        The Enhancement mode didn’t appear for Bass Boost and other option.

        I tried to download the driver from manufacturer with newest release. But it still nothing changed.

        I use Sony Vaio, SVT13126CVS, Realtek Sound Card, windows 8 64 bit.

        by : Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
        driver date : 7/31/2012
        version :
        digital signer : Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher

        thanks for solutions

  8. I believe computer companies love to screw around with important settings like this. My series 5 Samsung laptop has Realtek HD Audio Manager in it, the sole purpose of which is to keep your maximum default boot time sound level down around 42%. If you increase it to 100% and then boot, it will change to 42% ass soon as Realtek HD Audio Manager icon appears in the system tray at the lower right hand corner of the screen. This means that Windows 8 has been vandalized so you’ll go on a shopping spree looking for spammers’ solutions all over the internet, including this useless website. I’ll give a hundred dollars to anyone who fixes this problem and tells me how, so I can post it on the usenet regularly and absolutely screw Samsung in the caboose with it. I paid $800 for this useless machine. I have no arms and I have to put on my appliances before I can use it, because otherwise the sound for my earplug for my only good ear is too low to hear. I need it to boot up and STAY at the 100% setting. What is the regedit fix? Nobody knows. There is no regedit fix possible, as far as I can tell. The Windows 8 operating system eliminated the regedit entries for fixing such things. Windows8 is spamware designed to pick your pocket and waste your time and kill you by stressing you out with frustrations and useless mouseclicks for everything.

    • You seem like quite a disappointed user. The hardware can raise your sound level to a certain degree. If the sound card hardware doesn’t support the levels which you want to achieve, it is useless to try it from regedit. If you have a software installed which decreases the volume on boot, you should uninstall the software or at least disable its settings which are creating this problem for you.