How To Increase Maximum Volume In Windows 8

Back in 2009, we discussed about a site that would make your audio louder. But the solution in that article is not valid now because the site vloud is not working. I have a laptop with Windows 8 installed in it. Since I don’t use any external speakers or the headphones, the problem with it is that the Youtube videos don’t have much sound and I can’t go beyond the maximum volume of the audio mixer if the default laptop speakers are used.

I have finally found a solution which will increase the maximum volume limit in Windows 8. This method also works in Windows 7. Just follow the steps below to increase the maximum volume of your laptop or computer:

  1. Click on the Volume icon in the system tray
    Sound mixer in Windows 8
  2. Click on the speaker icon in the Sound Mixer popup.
    Speaker icon in sound mixer
  3. Select “Enhancements” tab from the window.
    Speaker properties
  4. Check “Loudness Equalization” from the list and click OK.

These steps will increase the default volume of the device making the sound more clear and audible.

What are your experiences about increasing the volume of your computer? Do you use any other methods to increase the default volume? Please let us know through comments below.

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