Download WinRAR 6.01

Version 6.01 of WinRAR has been released, which is the first update since the release of version 6 in December 2020. There are a few new features and some bugs that have been fixed.

WinRAR 6.01 comes with a 40-day free trial but in actuality, you can use it for an unlimited amount of time. The only caveat is that it displays an annoying purchase dialog box at every start. Other than that, the trial continues without any limitations.

Purchase WinRAR dialog box
Purchase WinRAR dialog box

What’s new in WinRAR 6.01

A few new features have been added to WinRAR 6.01. Here is the summary of these features:

  • By pressing CTRL + A in WinRAR’s comment window the entire comment will be selected.
  • If the -idn switch is used in conjunction with the -t or -df switch when archiving with the console version of RAR, all messages such as “Delete “Or” Test ” will not be output.
  • When extracted into a directory that does not exist, the -idn switch now suppresses all messages for creating directories.
  • By design, WinRAR and ZIP-SFX do not unzip the ZIP-SFX archive if its central directory is located after the start of the digital signatory. The behavior change prevents possible attack scenarios in which the signature is embedded in a ZIP archive.

Bugfixes in WinRAR 6.01

  • Conversion of RAR archives using the “Convert Archives” command may result in the incorrect conversion of comments in Unicode.
  • When two archive information windows open from the Explorer context menu, the compression ratio bar in the first window can show an incorrect value.
  • The text information and ratio column on the right side of the window were not affected. It was only the vertical bar on the left was incorrect
  • In the unpacking dialog, while the option “Wait if other WinRAR copies are active” is enabled, the title “Waiting for another WinRAR copy” should not be shown.
  • In previous versions, when an extracted symbolic link was extracted, no non-existing symbolic links were overwritten.

Download WinRAR 6.01

Download WinRAR 6.01 32-bit for Windows

Download WinRAR 6.01 64-bit for Windows

Download WinRAR 6.01 for MacOS

Download WinRAR 6.01 32-bit for Linux (tar.gz)

Download WinRAR 6.01 64-bit for Linux (tar.gz)

Download WinRAR 6.01 for Android

These links are for the English version. If you want to download WinRAR in any other language, you can visit this link.

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