The Best SERP API Services To Get Search Engine Results Data (Ranking, People Also Ask, Snippets Etc.)

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. If you want to extract information from the Google Search page, you will need to use a third party API or a service like ahrefs, SEMRush which extract keyword ranking information from the results pages.

In this article, I will list the best SERP API services which you can use in your application to extract SERP data from the search engine.

  1. SerpAPI
  2. DataForSEO
  3. SERPMaster
  4. SerpWOW
  5. ZenSerp
  6. Apify
  7. GeoRanker
  8. SerpHouse
  9. Oxylabs

I will keep the list updated whenever I find a new service. By the way, my personal favorite is SerpAPI because I can use its API in Google Sheets.

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