Windows XP Still The Most Popular Operating System

Its has been more than a decade when Windows XP was released by Microsoft. Windows XP hit the highest level of customer satisfaction compared to all previous Operating Systems by Microsoft. Windows 98 had been a success story but Windows XP crossed Windows 98 easily and became the most widely used Operating System of all times.

Windows Vista was released afterwards and then came Windows 7. Windows Vista was a failure while Windows 7 enjoyed the same success as Windows XP due to its performance and visual features. After the successful release of Windows 7, Microsoft has been asking customers to shift from older Operating Systems including Windows XP to Windows 7 which was far more superior in terms of performance and security.

But Windows XP just refuses to die. It is still the most popular Operating System which has the most market share world wide. The market share of Windows XP has been constantly declining and more and more users have been adapting to Windows 7 but the month of March has been different. Windows XP market share bumped up a little bit. In February 2012, about 45.39% of the users were using Windows XP while Windows 7 was being used by 38.12% users. In march, the figures become 46.86% for Windows XP and 37.54% for Windows 7.

Operating System Market share comparison Windows XP and Windows 7

While most home users who can afford a good computer which can run Windows 7 will always opt for Windows 7, most corporate users still use Windows XP as a standard. Windows XP’s share is expected to fall from 2014 onwards because Microsoft will stop issuing security patches for Windows XP and the hackers will be at work to exploit the old Operating System to infect users of Windows XP.

Do you still use Windows XP? What are the reasons of not shifting to Windows Vista or Windows 7?

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