Windows Server 2008 SP1 Language Packs Direct Download Links (KB2483139)

Windows Server 2008 SP1 has been released with Windows 7 SP1 some time back. Now you can download the language packs for Windows Server 2008 SP1. I have already given the direct download links for Windows 7 SP1 Language Packs.

A language pack, also known as MUI (Multilingual User Interface) enables multiple language interfaces for Microsoft Windows. For example, if you have Windows with English as its language, you can install Spanish language pack to switch your Operating System language to Spanish. Microsoft has made available all the individual language packs that you can install on your Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Operating System. A total of 35 language packs are available for Windows Server 2008 SP1. There are two options to download the language packs, one, download individual language packs of the languages you want or else you can download the full ISO DVD image of all the language packs. I’m giving direct links to both the options:

Download Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 MUI Language packs ISO image (all 35 languages included)[2799.5MB]


Individual language packs:

English: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-en-US.exe
Arabic: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-ar-SA.exe
Bulgarian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-bg-BG.exe
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR): Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-zh-HK.exe
Chinese (Simplified): Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-zh-CN.exe
Croatian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-hr-HR.exe
Czech: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-cs-CZ.exe
Danish: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-da-DK.exe
Dutch: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-nl-NL.exe
Estonian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-et-EE.exe
Finnish: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-fi-FI.exe
French: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-fr-FR.exe
German: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-de-DE.exe
Greek: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-el-GR.exe
Hebrew: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-he-IL.exe
Hungarian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-hu-HU.exe
Italian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-it-IT.exe
Japanese: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-ja-JP.exe
Korean: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-ko-KR.exe
Latvian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-lv-LV.exe
Lithuanian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-lt-LT.exe
Norwegian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-nb-NO.exe
Polish: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-pl-PL.exe
Portuguese (Brazil): Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-pt-BR.exe
Portuguese (Portugal): Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-pt-PT.exe
Romanian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-ro-RO.exe
Russian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-ru-RU.exe
Serbian (Latin): Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-sr-latn-CS.exe
Slovak: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-sk-SK.exe
Slovenian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-sl-SI.exe
Spanish: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-es-ES.exe
Swedish: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-sv-SE.exe
Thai: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-th-TH.exe
Turkish: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-tr-TR.exe
Ukrainian: Windows6.1-KB2483139-x64-uk-UA.exe

If you’re having problems installing the language pack, you may need to use Vistalizator for Windows 7 SP1 for installing language packs in Windows Server 2008. You can also download Windows Server 2008 R2 directly from Microsoft.

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