Search Files And Folders Instantly In Windows

UltraSearch main window

Windows indexes the files and folders to speed up the search operation of Windows Explorer. Finding files and folders can be fast and easy if Windows has indexed the location in which we are searching. Otherwise, the search will be slower.

UltraSearch is a great little app which can speed up the search operations even better than Windows default search. The beauty of UltraSearch is that it does not require to build the file and folder index. It just works out of the box. It uses the MFT (Master File Table) of NTFS file system to search for file and folder names.

UltraSearch supports regular expressions though this can be a little geeky and technical. There is no GUI help for regular expressions. You will need to enter the regular expression directly into the search box. If the regular expression is not correct, the results will simply not show up as desired.

You can also include or exclude locations to search for. By default, UltraSearch will search the whole hard drive. If you have installed the program, it’s easy to access from each folder through the context menu of that particular folder.

UltraSearch installation options

There are two versions of UltraSearch, one is the installer which can be installed on your Windows PC and the other is a portable one. The portable version can be taken anywhere in your USB flash drive. This feature makes it a better choice for geeks and systems administrators.

Download UltraSearch installer

Download UltraSearch portable