Fix Windows Safe Mode With Windows Safe Mode Fixer

Windows Safe Mode is a special startup mode in Windows which only loads the essential services upon startup. Usually it is used to troubleshoot problems with the normal mode. For example, if a driver has malfunctioned and you are having problems removing the driver from normal mode, you will need to start Windows by tapping F8 key after BIOS startup process. Another case is when a malware has corrupted the normal mode and you are not able to troubleshoot the malware from normal mode, you can go to Safe Mode in order to troubleshoot and disable the malware.

Nowadays the viruses are intelligent enough to block all the default ways that will lead to successfully troubleshooting the system. Windows Safe Mode is one of the major components that is attacked by malware.

windows safe mode fixer

If, for some reason, Safe Mode is disabled or is not working properly, SMFixer is the right tool for you. SMFixer is a very handy tool which will fix the Windows Safe Mode and let you start Windows in Safe Mode. The usage of SMFixer is very simple. Its interface only has three buttons, Fix, About and Exit. Pressing the Fix button will automatically fix the Windows configuration enabling Safe Mode again. Please note that the computer may restart automatically if you press the Fix button. So you should always save your work before continuing.

The only drawback of SMFixer is that it can only be run from Normal mode. That means that if you are unable to start Windows normally, this tool will not be able to fix anything for you.

It can run in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 but you’ll need to run the program as Administrator in order for it to fix things for you.

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