Windows Phone 7 Marketplace App DRM Cracked

Recently Chevronwp7 had released a tool to jailbreak Windows Phone 7. By using the jailbreak tool, people were able to install third party applications without going to the marketplace. This was especially useful for people developing their own apps but were not allowed in the marketplace.

As the progress continues, now a hack has been developed which can download and crack the applications even from the marketplace. This will serve as a base for people who do not care about genuine software and will promote piracy.

The person who developed this cracking tool developed the tool in just six hours. This shows how easy it is to crack Windows Phone 7. Any how, Microsoft has been notified about this vulnerability and hopefully it’ll be working on a quick fix.

You can see the following video which demonstrates the application that is used to crack Windows Phone 7 Marketplace App. The application has been named as “FreeMarketplace“.