Windows Intune – Manage Windows Network With Cloud Services

If you are using a Windows workgroup at your home or small office, then managing the network would be very difficult as everyone can’t afford setting up proper Windows Servers and then configuring Active Directory and all the other essential network services. Windows Intune is a cloud based Systems management service which makes it very easy to manage a small Windows network without additional hardware or configuration. Windows Intune is a cloud based tool that has been developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, best suited for Home Offices and SMEs.

After installation of Windows Intune, you’ll need to run an agent service of Windows Intune on all the systems that you want to manage from Windows Intune. The benefit of the agent service is that it also includes some client security enhancements including an anti-malware solution like Forefront.

windows intune

Operating and managing Windows Intune is very simple. You just need to go through all the updates that are available, select the ones you want to install and then select the systems on which you want those updates to be installed. All the updates will be installed without any interference and you can easily sit back and know when all the systems are protected and updated.

There is an alerts section where you can setup and see the alerts from all the systems you’re managing through Windows Intune. Most interestingly Windows Intune also includes a support ticket generation section. Users can send support requests through Windows Intune and you can respond to the support requests appropriately without leaving your computer.

Windows Intune is available as a 30 day trial so that you can easily setup Windows Intune in your network and experience the full benefits of the tool. You may also want to see the case studies of Windows Intune.

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