Windows Error Lookup Tool: What Those Error Messages And Codes Mean?

Windows generates quite a lot of errors and gives a corresponding codes to each type of error. Some of the errors pertain to installed applications while others are system errors, warnings and information messages. Generally if we look at the event viewer, we will find some information about the errors that Windows is encountering during its run time but if we want to analyze the errors closely, we will not find much information about the error messages but instead Windows will give us an error code which we can use to find what type of problems we are having.

Event Viewer Windows error codes

To lookup more details about the error code, we usually go to and search for the error code. Sometimes we get the results pretty quickly otherwise we have to search for hours to get a proper answer.

Windows Error Lookup Tool system error

Windows Error Lookup Tool (WELT) is a free and portable utility which can give information about Windows error codes. You just have to enter the error code and it will automatically give the corresponding information about the type of error that code is referring to. There is no need to be connected to the Internet in order to get the code information. More than 6000 error codes are supported by Windows Error Lookup Tool. Here is the distribution of the error codes:

  • Win32: 2,527
  • NTSTATUS: 1,730
  • HRESULT: 1,767
  • STOP: 318

WELT accepting hexadecimal values

Windows Error Lookup Tool supports decimal as well as hexadecimal values to be entered as error code. If you are encountering a blue screen of death, you can easily enter the hexadecimal value in WELT in order to get more information about the type of error you are getting.

Although Windows Error Lookup Tool only display the information about the error code and does not provide further actions to be taken to solve the corresponding problem, it is certainly a handy tool especially for System Administrators who can take it in a USB drive and use it anywhere especially when the Internet is not available for troubleshooting.

Download Windows Error Lookup Tool

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