Windows Compatibility From Windows 1.0 To Windows 7

Andy, a tech blogger has performed an interesting experiment with respect to Windows upgrades from one version to another and the compatibility of applications already installed in the previous versions of Windows. The experiment runs through Dos 5.0 to Windows 7.

Andy took created a virtual machine created in VMWare and installed Dos 5.0 and then kept upgrading step by step to the next Windows Operating System. So after Dos 5.0, Windows 1.0 was installed and then Windows 2.0 3.0, 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98 followed. Two games were installed in Dos 5.0 and then the games were run after each upgrade to see if the games were still working. The games and the Windows settings like the color scheme etc. were preserved in all the upgrades until Windows 98.

Since Windows ME could not be upgraded to Windows 2000, it was skipped from the experiment and Windows 2000 was installed over Windows 98. The games didn’t work because of the poor support for Dos applications in Windows 2000 but the color settings were preserved.

Windows 2000 was upgraded to Windows XP in which the games started working because Microsoft had improved Dos support in Windows XP but the color scheme was not preserved. Windows XP Luna theme was installed by default. Then came Windows Vista which took about 2 hours to upgrade, the longest period of time taken to upgrade until now. Windows Vista didn’t preserve the Windows color scheme settings from Windows XP but it also support the old Dos games. Windows Vista was then upgraded to Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest Operating System and while the settings were not preserved, the games of good old Dos 5.0 still worked in Windows 7.

Microsoft should be very happy with the conclusion that anyone can safely upgrade their Windows Operating System to the next version without a lot of difficulty and application incompatibility and instability. All this process has been shown in the video shown below:

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