Windows Benchmarking Software To Test PC Speed

Benchmarking is a process of assessing the relative performance of a PC by evaluating its components and running standard tests and trials against them. Most of the users do benchmarking of their PCs to compare older components with the newer ones. Even if you haven’t installed any new component, it is always nice to know the overall performance of your PC.

There are several tools that can be used for benchmarking a Windows PC. Auslogics Benchtown is a new benchmarking software which is still in beta and is free to use right now. Auslogics Benchtown has a very standard feature set and includes the following components:

  • 2D game graphics test
  • 2D desktop graphics test
  • HDD performance test
  • Memory speed test
  • CPU calculations test

windows benchmarking software, auslogics benchtown

Using Auslogics Benchtown is also very easy. You don’t need to be an advanced user in order to run the test and assess the results. There is only one button on the main window, Rate Now. Clicking the button will start the testing process. The whole process is automatic and does not need any user intervention. At the end of the test, a performance graph will be shown. The report will show the mathematical calculations as well as the graph of each of the five components discussed above.

auslogics benchtown benchmark results

If you want to test a certain component only, you can change the settings from the Program Settings menu. Auslogics Benchtown also shows a detailed system information report which is devided into the following tabs:

  • Environment
  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Video
  • Memory
  • Hard disks

Auslogics benchtown system information

That pretty much wraps up the features of Auslogics Benchtown. Since it is in Beta, most of the menus will not work and hopefully they will be made functional in the future releases. The software supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows and works on Windows XP and above including the server Operating Systems.

Download Auslogics Benchtown