Windows 8 Updated Even Before Service Pack 1 (KB2756872)

Windows 8 update

The tradition of Windows update has been that Microsoft would roll out services packs of Windows every year. And the business would rather not deploy the newly released Microsoft Operating System before the release of Service Pack 1.

This behavior was due to the fact the Windows would contain lots of unknown bugs and compatibility issues which would most probably be resolved in the first service pack. Microsoft has been convincing the business users to update their Operating Systems to the latest versions and not wait until SP1 because Microsoft will keep the OS up to date with Windows Update function.

To move forward with this, Microsoft has taken a step further in Windows 8 and have released some major updates in Windows 8 even before the general availability, let not think of SP1. This will be a big step to convince the businesses to upgrade to Windows 8 upon general availability.

Steven Sinofsky says,

During the final months of Windows 8 we challenged ourselves to create the tools and processes to be able to deliver these “post-RTM” updates sooner than a service pack. By developing better test automation and test coverage tools we are happy to say that Windows 8 will be totally up to date for all customers starting at General Availability. If you are an MSDN or enterprise customer, these updates will be available for your Windows 8 PCs via Windows Update as of today (October 9), following our standard cadence for Windows Updates on the second Tuesday of each month at about 10:00am.

This means that all the users who will download Windows 8 when it is available for everyone, it will be up to date with the most recent updates already integrated. The MSDN/TechNet subscribers who have already installed Windows 8 will be able to receive and install these updates using Windows update.

The actual update includes the following improvements:

  • Increased power efficiency to extend battery life
  • Performance improvements in Windows 8 applications and Start screen
  • Improved audio and video playback in many scenarios
  • Improved application and driver compatibility with Windows 8

There’s also a known issue in Windows 8 that has not been fixed yet. When you turn a Windows feature on or off, the computer may require a restart. For example, this action may be necessary when you turn Remote Access on or off.

If you don’t want to install it automatically through Windows update, you may download it from the following links:

Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872) [163 MB]

Update for Windows 8 for x86-based Systems (KB2756872) [98 MB]

(Thanks a lot to Vladimir for finding the link to 32-bit update)

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