Windows 8 Touch Gestures And Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Windows 8 is quite innovative in the sense that it integrates touch based gestures systems inside the same Operating System which was more popularly known for Desktop computing. With the new integration, Microsoft also introduces a new Metro styled interface. When the new interface, Microsoft has introduced a lot of new keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures which can be used to do different actions on the Operating System.

Although there are many keyboard shortcut guides available for Windows 8, it can be hard to remember all the shortcuts and gestures if you are not used to using them in everyday computing. A Microsoft developer has created a cheat sheet of all the keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures which can be used on the Start Screen.

This cheat sheet makes it easy for people to understand and remember different Windows 8 shortcuts. The cheat sheet takes a pictorial approach to teaching the shortcuts. Let’s first take a look at the cheat sheet. You can click on the picture to open it to make it bigger.


The following shortcuts are explained in the cheat sheet. You can make this image as your wallpaper for a few days to make sure you remember all the shortcuts.

 Active Apps

Swipe from left edge

Windows Key + Tab

Navigation Bar

Swipe from bottom or top edge

Windows Key + Z

Charms Bar

Swipe from right edge

Windows Key + C


Swipe top to bottom to close

Alt + F4

Standard Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + D = Show Desktop

Windows Key + E = Windows Explorer

Windows Key + F = File Search

Windows Key + H = Share

Windows Key + I = Settings

Windows Key + Q = Application Search

Windows Key + R = Run dialog

Windows Key + W = Windows Settings Search

Windows Key + X = Quick access menu

Pg Up/Pg Down = Move tiles left/right


Swipe from top to left or right edge to snap

Windows Key + . (dot)

I hope this cheat sheet will make you remember the easiest ways to open different applications and settings and do quick actions in Windows 8. What are your views about the cheat sheet? Will these shortcuts make you more productive?

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