Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer Improvements And Features

Microsoft has coded a brand new Windows Explorer for the Windows 8. The new explorer puts all the explorer functions with the need of a click or two. The new Ribbon style was first used with Microsoft Office 2007 and that style now got its place into the explorer of the new operating system.

The ribbon style has usually three tabs Home, Share and View. In the Home tab you have all the operations you perform for file or folders.

The new ribbon style puts the mostly used operations in a prominent location. For example for a file you may want these operations Copy, Paste, Cut, Copy Path, Paste Shortcut, Move to, Copy to, Delete, Rename, Properties. All these operations can now be invoked with a single click.

Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Library tools

The new Windows Explorer keeps the history of folders used for moving or copying files. When you click on Move to or Copy to you will see a list of folders recently used for these operations.

The share tab is for sharing files on web or burning them to Optical media. The share tab includes the options for emailing, zipping, burning, sharing on network and advanced security.

Windows 8 Ribbon Style Explorer Improvements And Features 1

The View tab is designed to change the view of items in a Folder/Drive. In Windows 7 you can have Preview Pane and Details Pane both at once but in Windows 8 you can have only one at a time.

View tab in Windows 8 Explorer

In the View tab you have the option to change the size of files/folders or Sort them by Name, Date Modified etc or Group them by Name, Date Modified etc, Add Columns, Size all columns to fit.

You also have the option to Show or Hide Hidden items, Hide a selected item, enable or disable file name extensions or Refresh.

In the File Menu you have the option to Open Command Prompt with the currently selected folder. Clear the history.

The new Windows Explorer adds a new tab depending upon the item you click. If you click on a Disk Drive you can see a Drive tab which gives you the options to Format, Cleanup, Optimize or BitLocker drive encryption. Similarly when you click on any image file you have the option for Rotate left, Rotate right, Slide show and Set as background.

Picture tools in Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon

If you click on a Library Folder you will get Library Tools giving you the option to Manage library, Set save location etc.

The Search tab is also improved giving you the option for specifying certain criteria’s for searching a file. You can search files by Date Modified, Kind, Size and some other properties.

Search tab in Windows 8 Ribbon bar

So the new explorer has got a bunch of new features for a tech guy as well as a beginner.

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