Fake Windows 8 Product Key Generators

Although Windows 7 was touted as the most secure Operating System of its time by Microsoft, it was successfully cracked by crackers even before the launch of the final version. Windows 8 enjoys a very similar status to Windows 7 launch. Although Windows 8 does not come as a security release, it includes some advanced and enhanced security mechanism.

Windows 8 also comes with UEFI features which replaces BIOS for better security. This means that Windows 8 can have Windows 8 product key embedded into the firmware through UEFI. This seems to be a secure approach and will enable Microsoft to stop piracy.

Windows 8 KMS activator 2011

Owing to the new release of Windows 8, pirates have also become active in cracking these new security features. If you search Google about Windows 8 cracks with similar searches like Windows 8 activator, Windows 8 kms activation hack, Windows 8 keygen etc., you will see a lot of non-trustworthy results which claim that you can download the working product key generators which will be good to install and then activate Windows 8 without paying for a license.

Although you may get different cracks and key generators, one thing is common in all the products. They are identified by antivirus and security software as malware. For example, the latest fake Windows 8 key generators found by Trend Micro have been termed as malware which may transmit important data to the hackers or even install a Trojan which will ultimately hand over the control of your PC to the hackers.

My advice to all the readers would be to be safe and always use legitimate software. Otherwise you may get into troublesome situations beyond your imagination. Microsoft is already offering a $40 Windows 8 upgrade deal or even $15 Windows 8 upgrade offer is still valid.

The crackers and key generators may activate Windows 8 for the time being but ultimately you never know what these tools have left in your system. Spending a little money will keep you and your data safe from hackers and crackers.Have you tried one of the key generators? What are your experiences?

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    • Doesn’t work because it’s a virus made in Java. If you are conscious enough to run the tool, it will throw an exception telling you that the changes in Registry are not allowed which were requested by the tool. These kinds of tools can do a lot of harm to the system. So my advice is still going for a legit Windows 8 license rather than falling prey to these attacking tools.

      If you can’t afford Windows 8, just go for Ubuntu. The latest version is quite intuitive and will get your work done as easily as in Windows. Most of the Windows software are also available for Ubuntu and of-course for free..

      Most interestingly, the tool mentioned by Noemi is detected by Antivir antivirus as a virus (Java/Dldr.Atrdem.F). AVG terms it as an unknown virus while 43 other antivirus software do not even detect it as a virus which is quite interesting. The main reason it should be detected as a virus is that it requires access to sensitive part of the Windows Registry to run which is not allowed for third party software.

      Here’s the analysis from VirusTotal:

  1. I have used the kms activation method provided by mydigita;life.com, and also purchased the legitimate key from MS.

    The reason why I have purchased the key from MS is mainly because of the price which was so cheap. The second reason was because the kms activation only lasts for 6 months, which meant I had to re-activate it using the same method after every 6 months.

    • KMS activation is a legitimate method used for volume licensing customers only but normal users can also make use of this feature to extend the trial version 5 times after every 30 days which makes the total period to 6 months.

      It is always painful to re-install Windows 8 just because the trial has ended and you don’t want to purchase a license. The Windows 8 license is quite cheap until January 2013. So everyone interested should buy Windows 8 as soon as possible. That’s my opinion 🙂

      Shkev are you talking about the trial version extending through KMS activation or something else?

      • Sorry for the late reply. I was using the full version of Win 8 pro without the added features (media centre) with the kms activation. I totally agree with you on this situation about purchasing Win 8. I have used from Windows 98 to now, all cracked thanks to Daz loader etc.

        I was very fortunate to be able to fully crack Windows 8 pro with media centre using Mak keys (calling up microsoft to activate it). It was a very painful method, due to the amount of time scouring through the internet trying to find unused mak keys. I totally reccomend anyone to just buy it:)


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