Windows 8 Pro And Windows Server 2012 Pricing Leaked

Windows 8 general availability is set to be on 25th October, 2012. Although the release date has been announced by Microsoft, the pricing structure of the new Operating System remains confusing. The only official announcement from Microsoft was that the users who have bought Windows 7 before January 2013 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99. Otherwise, the Redmond company has remained tight lipped on the actual pricing of Windows 8.

The screenshot below suggests that the price of Windows 8 Pro will be $188 for a single license.

Windows 8 Pro license

This is significantly lower than Windows 7 Ultimate which was priced around $250+. If this is the case then the upgrade offer from Microsoft can be termed as highly confusing. The offer of $14.99 upgrade could only be useful in the situation where we could re-use the Windows 7 license again after using the upgrade offer.

To add more to the speculation, the prices of Windows Server 2012 have also been leaked. Windows Server 2012 Standard will be sold at $833 while Windows Server 2012 Data Center has a price tag of $4810.

Windows Server 2012 pricing

To dig deep into this, we will have to go to Microsoft License Advisor. Please open this link in Internet Explorer otherwise the web page will break. Please note that the above screenshots have been taken from Microsoft License Advisor site.

Keep everything as default, just change the product to Windows 8 Pro and quantity to 1. You’ll get the licensing information of Windows 8 Pro. Changing the product to Windows Server 2012 will give you the licensing information of Windows Server 2012.

All of these leaks may be true but these just leaks until Microsoft confirms anything. The final pricing is yet to be announced by Microsoft in the coming days just before the launch event. What are your thoughts about this new pricing of Windows 8 from Microsoft?

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