Windows 8 Multi-Boot Feature–Direct Experience Mode

Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System, Windows 8, will have multi-boot feature. This feature seems to be an extension of Direct Experience Mode feature which This news comes from the patent recently filed by Microsoft and most probably this technology will be a part of Windows 8.

According to the patent application, the computer hardware will not load Windows directly but a virtual machine manager will load first and then it will load the Operating System. The multi-boot in Windows 8 means that the Virtual Machine Manager will decide which Operating System to load, either the full Windows 8 or any other module like TV, Music or DVD module.

multi-boot in windows 8

Now with this technology, it may be possible to start a certain module like a DVD player to watch movie or music player to listen to songs instead of starting and loading the whole Windows Operating System. Microsoft may be directly competing with Google Chrome OS as this technology, if implemented, would serve the purpose of Chrome OS as well as Windows and other additional functions like a TV, music or DVD Player.


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