Windows 8 Metro Apps Is Now Windows Store Apps

The confusion of naming the new Metro interface of Windows 8 and all other latest Microsoft products has been on top from August, 2012. The confusion arose when the name Metro became controversial because of copyright issues. There was more confusion when Microsoft did not offer an alternative name to the old Metro style apps. The bloggers and other techie people including some of the Microsoft employees began calling it Modern UI but it was never official. Microsoft still kept tight lipped over the naming structure.

Modern UI or Metro or Windows Store apps

It was until yesterday when Microsoft finally decided to unveil some of the naming conventions that they were planning to use. On the virtual launch event of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division, Soma Somasegar told that Microsoft had decided to replace the name Metro apps with Windows Store Apps. This name is for the apps but the actual Metro style interface still remains unnamed. Let’s see when Microsoft will come up with the interface name too.

In my opinion, the name Windows Store Apps will still be confusing because not all the Modern UI/Metro apps will be from Windows Store. Third party companies will be able to offer their apps in Metro style. The biggest example of this is the Metro styled browsers. Almost all the browsers are launching their Metro style apps. See more about Metro/Modern UI styled browsers for Windows 8.

Brad Sams from Neowin does a good job of explaining the difference between modern apps and Windows Store apps but it still remains unclear from Microsoft.

As Microsoft works to removed Metro from search engine results, they will replace it with Windows Store Apps and Modern Apps. Always remember that a Modern App is an app that spans Microsoft’s ecosystems and Windows Store Apps are specific to the Windows Store.

What is your opinion about this new naming convention from Microsoft? Share your thoughts in comments below.