Windows 8 Logo Change And The History Of Windows Logos

Since Microsoft touts Windows 8 as the game changer in the history of Operating Systems, a lot of legacy features have been changed and so is Windows 8 logo. Windows 8 will come with a new logo. Microsoft has hired Pentagram, a global design firm, to design a new Windows 8 logo. Since Windows 8 uses the concept of tiles, the new Windows 8 logo depicts the same concept. It is a single color pale blue logo with four tiles tiled together. Here’s the new Windows 8 logo from Pentagram:

Windows 8 logo designed by Pentagram

When we look at the history of Windows logos from the very beginning of the Windows Operating System, we can see that the concept of new Windows 8 logo comes from the very first logo designed for Windows. Lets go through the visual history of Windows logos:

Windows 1.0 logo

This is the logo of Windows 1.0. You can see that it is very similar to the new Windows 8 logo.

Windows 3.1 logo

This is the logo from Windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 got a very colorful logo giving the feeling of the graphics capability of Windows. This trend of showing power of Windows in terms of graphics in the logo continues until Windows 7.

windows 95 logo

Windows 95 logo was very similar to Windows 3.1. Only the orientation of the logo and the background were changed.

windows 98 logo

Windows 98 inherits the same logo from Windows 95 with the exception that the Windows 98 text was not included. The logo remained the same for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

Windows XP logo

The logo was totally revamped for Windows XP. The same graphics power of Windows XP was shown in the logo.

Windows Vista logo

The logo was again changed in Windows Vista. The new Start Menu orb was introduced in Windows Vista. The same orb became the logo of Windows Vista.

windows 7 logo

Windows 7 logo was again changed to display the graphics capabilities of Windows 7.

It may be interesting to note that the Windows logo was totally and conceptually changed in Windows XP and Windows XP became the most successful Operating System from Microsoft. Microsoft has once again totally changed Windows 8 logo. Does this mean that Windows 8 will also write a new history like Windows XP?

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