15 Unique And Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 is different from Windows 7 in many aspects. The Graphical User Interface of Windows 8 is optimized for tablets and smartphone devices. If you are used to using keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7 or earlier Operating Systems, you will need to learn some new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8. These shortcuts make it easier for a person to navigate and open different tools and interfaces without using the screen corners and then mouse.

Windows keyboard and mouse

If you are looking for general keyboard shortcuts that have been added to Windows 8, you may go to this list from Microsoft. But here we are going to discuss some unique and useful Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts which can be termed as long tail shortcuts because they require more than two key combinations.

If you remember, Microsoft 8 had introduced Quick admin tools. We will use the same menu to extract the following keyboard hot keys.

  1. Windows Key + X: Open the quick admin tools menu.
  2. Windows Key + X + F: Open Programs and Features.
  3. Windows Key + X + B: Open Mobility center.
  4. Windows Key + X + O: Open Power Options.
  5. Windows Key + X + V: Open Event Viewer.
  6. Windows Key + X + Y: Open System Properties.
  7. Windows Key + X + M: Open the Device Manager.
  8. Windows Key + X + K: Open Disk Management.
  9. Windows Key + X + G: Open Computer Management.
  10. Windows Key + X + C: Open command prompt.
  11. Windows Key + X + A: Open command prompt with administrative privileges.
  12. Windows Key + X + T: Open the task manager. You can also open the task manager by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut key.
  13. Windows Key + X + P: Open the Control Panel. You can also open Control Panel using Run –> control.
  14. Windows Key + X + E: Open Windows Explorer. You can also open Windows Explorer using Windows Key + E shortcut key.
  15. Windows Key + Q: Search Apps in the computer.
    Windows Key + W: Search Settings in the computer.
    Windows Key + F: Search files in the computer.

If you forget any of these key combination, you may simply press Windows Key + X. This will bring up the quick admin tools menu. You can see the underlined character in each row. Just press that particular letter to open the program.

Quick admin tools menu

I hope all these shortcut keys will be helpful for you. I especially use the open command prompt with administrative privileges shortcut. Which is your favorite keyboard shortcut key?