Windows 8 General UI Tips

Windows 8 is built with touch enabled Metro Start Screen and Charms Menu. The metro UI is useful for those having touch screen computers because it includes many apps specifically redesigned for touch enabled devices. The Metro UI has got the menus, sliders and buttons wider than the general windows UI to prevent people missing from touching these with finger. Here I am describing some tips for general usage.

How to Close Metro Apps In Windows 8

For Computers with Touch Screen

You only need to swipe the screen from top to bottom to close any app.

For Computers without Touch Screen Displays

  • In the App you need to move your mouse to the top of the screen, hold your left mouse button (the app will reduce its window size) and drag the mouse to bottom of the screen, the app will fade and close
  • You can also close the app with ALT+ F4 keys. This option does not work for all the programs.
  • Move your mouse to the top left of your screen and you will see a window screen drag your mouse still in the left of your screen and you will see a thumbnails of opened apps (Currently opened app does not show in this thumbnails view).
  • Open the Task Manager, select any app and click End Task.

Restart/Shutdown or Sleep Computer in Windows 8

Another Useful UI is the Charms Menu.

Charms Menu provides the options for searching metro apps, sharing your files, a Device Center and options to Restart/Sleep/Shutdown computer, network connections etc.

You can open up the Charms Menu by either moving your mouse to the top right corner or bottom right corner of the screen. The menu can also be opened by pressing the Windows Key + C.

Click Power and then Click Shutdown or Restart.

To Log off in Windows 8

Switch to the metro screen either by pressing the Windows Key or by clicking in the left bottom corner. On the screen click your username on the top right corner and click Sign out.