Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business

Just hours before the public release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta), Microsoft has just published a new PDF document titled “Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Product Guide for Business”. This is a lengthy 16 page product guide. This document is more like a sales document which highlights the features in Windows 8 Consumer Preview which can be very useful for the businesses.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview product guide

The document starts with the Line-of-business app development capabilities of Windows 8. Windows 8 will provide a more useful and simplistic experience of developing apps for businesses increasing the users productivity. Windows 8 works across even larger amount of platforms ranging from powerful 64-bit desktops to very lightweight ARM-based devices, usually smartphones and tablets. Windows to Go is a Windows 8 feature that has been highlighted which helps a person to install Windows 8 on a USB drive and run it anywhere he wants.

Windows to Go Windows 8 feature

Internet Explorer 10  has been included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Internet Explorer 10 has been designed especially for corporate sector in mind. It supports all the modern standards including HTML5, CSS3 and SVG which gives power and flexibility to the developers. Since Windows 8 can be installed on a tablet, Internet Explorer 10 is touch friendly while having the same great security features and look and feel on the Desktop version.

To read about all the features touted by Microsoft in this document, you will have to download the document from the location below:

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview product guide

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