5 Windows 8 Compatible Audio Players You should Not Miss

Whether you are Linux user or a Windows freak, there is one thing common about all the system software and that is their acceptance towards the most common operating software. The audio software have had been one of the most interesting downloads that somehow vary from user to user. With the World going viral with Windows 8 final release that is soon expected in the coming days the software companies that are enjoying good product sales are now all ready with their compatible versions that are specially designed for the launch.

While talking about Audio software specifically, there are few software that are most widely used across the world. Here are 5 recommended Audio Software that work simply best with your Windows 8 machine.

1) Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center

When it comes to the most compatible audio software, the first name that clicks in to the mind is undoubtedly the Windows default player that is Windows Media player. However, Windows 8 comes with a difference.

Windows Media Center is not enabled in Windows 8 by default and needs to be added. If you are using Windows 8 Release Preview, you may enable it using the steps below. If you are using Windows 8 RTM, you’ll need to look for a proper version which supports Windows Media Center.

  1. Open the Search bar (WinKey + Q) and search for “Add features”. Select “Add features to Windows 8” under settings.
  2. You will get a new window which will ask you to buy Windows 8 or enter a new product key. You may enter the following product key to activate Windows Media Center:
    Add features to Windows 8
  3. Click on Add features button and you’re ready to go.
  4. Please note that your computer will automatically restart several times while enabling the new features of Windows 8.
  5. At the end, you’ll be able to add Windows Media Center using “Add features to Windows 8”.
    Add features to Windows 8

 Now that the Media Center is enabled, all you need to do to increase your system’s usability is to add the decoders to enhance the performance.

2) Real Media Player


If you are looking for a player that can play all media formats, Real Player is a good choice. The software is capable of downloading, converting and transferring videos to mobile devices and organizing them. The company has recently launched its latest version for Windows 8 that offers innovative features like downloading online videos and converting videos to mp3 format, all free of cost!

Download RealPlayer

3) VLC Player for Windows 8

VLC Player

Just like Real Player, VLC is also a good option when it comes to playing different formats on your machine. This Multimedia player is now already in the market to get its hand on Windows 8. Installing it on the new operating system is easy and straight forward, and similar to the traditional way of installation on previous versions.

Download VLC Player

4) Winamp Player


Although the new players that are now developed, showing versatility are now abundantly available, the mp3 format still enjoys ruling the media world. For your mp3 files, Winamp’s full 5.0 Version that is now out for Windows 8 is a good choice. Not only this, but Winamp can also be converted into a portable player manager.

Download Winamp Player

5) JetAudio


JetAudio enjoys a good reputation across the globe because of its user friendly interface and sound versatility. The company has recently launched its latest version, that is Jet Audio 8.0.17 Basic which is compatible with Windows 8.

Although JetAudio works with all audio formats like WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video and audio CD tracks but most and widely used formats are mp3 and avi. So Jet Audio works best with these all formats. Installing this player on your machine is extremely easy, offering a graphical interface, which is quite understandable.

Download JetAudio

No matter whichever system you are using, an effective media Player is one of the most wanted software that you look for. The above stated 5 Audio Players are highly recommended for your machine.

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