Windows 8 Available Through Microsoft Connect

There has been a lot of rumor and leaks regarding Windows 8 and finally a positive news has come. Microsoft is distributing their latest Windows Operating System, Windows 8, through Microsoft connect. Currently it is invite only and only Microsoft partners are getting the invites to try out Windows 8. The latest rumored build of Windows 8 is 7971.0.110324-1900.

Microsoft seems to be getting ready to launch Windows 8 (beta or something else) publicly. Windows 8 will be fully 3D visually and will adapt to user behaviors and habits making it extremely user friendly and productive. Fast hibernation system is also in place in Windows 8 which will enable one to hibernate the system in just 6 seconds at maximum. There are many other features of Windows 8 that have been leaked including System reset, restart if required, Direct Experience Mode and Anti hacking technology in Windows 8. These are a few leaks that have been reported. You can get updated Windows 8 news in our Windows 8 Section.

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