Windows 8 Anti-Hacking Technology

Piracy has been a huge problem for Microsoft as hackers have hacked and cracked almost all the products of Microsoft especially Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. In spite of Microsoft releasing technology after technology in order to counter piracy, the hackers have managed to keep it alive with their cracks. First Microsoft released Windows Genuine Advantage in Windows XP which failed as hackers managed to disable WGA and then Microsoft introduced Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) in Windows 7 which also failed as hackers managed to start Windows 7 without WAT.

Now with their new Operating System, Windows 8, Microsoft is up to the task again and hiring developers in order to develop another anti-hacking system which will take care of the piracy in Windows 8. All this was leaked a while ago when a job was posted on Microsoft Careers website requiring a senior developer for this job. Here’s the job details posted at Microsoft Careers site:

“Our Group is on a mission to build a rich, powerful platform to help protect Microsoft products against piracy. Here is your chance to join a team of exceptional developers as we build an extensible cross-company platform to support this vision. This is a fast-paced group that rewards smart and motivated individuals.

We are looking for an experienced software developer to help us design and build new anti-hacking mechanisms, hack detection, and work on the security processor driver. The work touches many layers of the operating system and includes opportunities for partnership with MS Research and other security teams at Microsoft to productize exciting innovations and ideas that help shake hackers and crackers off Microsoft products.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but the diversity of the problem space in this area is rich in growth opportunities just waiting for the right candidate. You will have ample opportunity to diversify your skill set and grow. In this position, you’ll get a chance to work on many aspects of the platform, starting with an assignment to drive the design of our application and Operating System (OS) virtualization support. ”

Although Microsoft is doing a lot of work in order to reduce and minimize piracy from their products, hackers will always find new ways to get into the systems and crack Microsoft software. Let’s hope that Microsoft will build something very tough for the hackers to crack this time.

8 thoughts on “Windows 8 Anti-Hacking Technology

  1. “Let’s hope that Microsoft will build something very tough for the hackers to crack this time.”

    Lets not Hope! While Windows 8 is garbage (Metro Style is a joke) it deserves to be cracked/hacked. @$M is right, $300 is outrageous and with a pricetag that high it is just asking for trouble. But I don’t think lowering the cost will affect anything. People will still want to save that $30 dollars if they can.

    Microsoft makes most of its money from OEM sales anyways. With 12 yrs in the IT world, I know maybe 4 people that have actually purchased an OS. Most just use what comes with their computer at time of purchase, or have switched to Linux (Which is FREEEEE!)

    1. @Marsh: Definitely have to agree with you here. People like free software but they love paid software gotten for free :-D. I also have been in the IT industry for quite some time don’t know even 4 people who have purchased Windows separately. Only enterprises will purchase a bulk of Windows OEM licenses. But I have seen more people shifting to cracked version of Windows instead of switching to Linux!!

  2. Bullsh*t, the only way to stop piracy is having low prices in their products. There is no sense to pay more for software against hardware. Is just mathematics, why insist to sell one Windows Ultimate at 300USD instead sell 10 Windows Ultimate at 30USD, I almost sure that if the price is low, most of the users will buy the software.

      1. @Usman: Why should one country/region have a piece of software cheaper than another. They should all have to pay the same price. There is no reason why I, a US citizen, should have to pay more for Windows OS than someone in another country.

        1. @Marsh: Because of the affordability. A person living in USA has the Windows price tag as $199 while the same Windows will have the price tag of Rs. 6000+ in India. The currency makes a huge difference and so does affordability.

          1. @Usman Khurshid: 6000 “Rs” is cheaper than the $199 in the US.

            All people, everywhere should have to pay the same Price for a product regardless of what they can afford due to whatever cause. Its pretty unfair that just because I live in the US I should have to pay more than someone in India for whatever reason, ie Economy statues.

            Thats like saying, people from the “Ghetto” (poor sections of town) should have to only pay $100 for Windows, while I “Blue Collar” (middle class) has to pay $199. That’s completely unfair. It’s not my fault those people are poor, and there should be no reason they should get someone for less – Its bad enough those people get Welfare instead of Jobs (but thats a whole different topic.)

            You’re blog here is interesting, but you’re reasoning to justify why different countries should have to pay less for something (which 6000 Rs is less) for a product then another is not valid.

            Things should be Equal (but never will be)

          2. @Marsh: 🙂 I totally agree with you on this point. But from a marketing perspective, if Microsoft has to retain its Operating System superiority, it has to keep on allowing the cracked versions of Windows or lower the pricing structure for everyone.

            I have seen people who can’t afford Windows, install a cracked copy of it and businesses and organizations which can’t afford Windows go for Linux.

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